FGS Geography is among the top 3 (Ranked No.1, 2016)
in China and top 100 (Ranked No.51-100, 2020) in the world

FGS scientists and engineers marshal their efforts around below 14 focused areas:

1.  Soil Erosion Model and Aeolian Desertification Control

2.  Ecohydrology and Natural Resource Management

3.  Earth Surface Processes and Landscape Evolution in Extreme Environment

4.  Resource Ecology and Regional Development

5.  Economic Geography and National Territory Planning

6.  Human Geography and Geo-relations

7.  Quantative Remote Sensing Model and Products

8.  Geographical Information System Model and Application

9.  Geographical Big Data and Spatio-Temporal Analysis

10. Integrated Risk Governance on Regional Disasters

11. Emergency Response on Large-scale Natural Disasters

12. Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services

13. Integrated Analysis and Simulation of Earth Surface Processes

14. Observation and Simulation of Global Environmental Change